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HCG Slimming Injections 

HCG Sslimming Injections


  • Fast Results 2-3 kg/week
  • Rapid centimetre loss
  • Boost metabolism
  • Target flabby fat first
  • Sculping your body
  • Average weight loss between 7-12kg p/28days

The HCG Injection plan is based on using our own hormones to trigger the system of releasing stored fat, and leads to rapid weight loss, as well as rapid centimetre loss.  


Lifestyle Slimming Plan

   Lose weight to:

  • Have a healthy lifestyle
  • Have quality of life
  • Boost your self esteem
  • Look and feel good
  • Love your body
  • Motivate others

MassAnon eating plans, called the Lifestyle Slimming, will help you to make healthy changes to the way you prepare your food and your way of eating to lose weight.


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  • HCG Slimming Injections
  • LipoGon TrimFX Caps
  • LipoGon FirmFX Caps
  • LipoGon CLA Caps
  • Slender Form Shakes
  • LipoGon Tincture Drops
  • LipoGon Linimint
  • Lifestyle Eating Plans

MassAnon Healthy Slimming also provides a variety of other slimming products to help you on your weight loss journey.






Weight loss and self-confidence go hand in hand.   Our support is based on a deep understanding of how you feel and a desire to change your lifestyle for the better. 

MassAnon Healthy Slimming is dedicated to promote healthy weight loss and a quality of life to overweight and obese people. 

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